Dear Friends!  Our project “Communities of the Future” remains on top of the wave. The russian invasion of Ukraine, and destruction caused calls for us to put even more effort into building new places of living and creating workspace. We have zero doubt we will make it to rebuild our Country and to make it even more comfortable for living.

The Communities of the Future

“The Communities of the Future” is a civil project, which is the first one at the territory of Ukraine to offer complex solving of housing, social, humanitarian challenges and problems of the citizens who are limited financially i.e. temporary relocated individuals, Russian-ukrainian war veterans, large families, young families, and families who lost their places of living during the war.

We offer a unique project aimed to building of houses within rural areas as well as agricultural production infrastructure that run on modern energy saving technologies.

We apply new approach within relations between the members of created communities, which based on professional, proactive and honest philosophy.

We believe that our activity will be a good example to follow across the whole territory of Ukraine to have citizens’ life quality level improved and their relations to be harmonized.

Activity Directions

  • Building of social housing with an appliance of energy saving technologies.
  • Building of agricultural production with a further employment of community members.
  • Social and psychological assistance for members, reintegration of combatants and veterans
  • Appliance of modern type of housing development, new eco and technological life standards.
  • Development and spreading of new type of relations that are based on partnership, mutual respect, improvement of mental and education level of the citizens.

Our History

The conception of our project initiated in year 2015, after Russian Federation started a military conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine, that led to casualties – dozens and hundreds of thousands combatants and temporary relocated individuals. A group of proactive individuals has created and registered “Free Generation” civil organization, that has developed and offered to initiate a project that determined building of social housing with its’ own resources and further employment at the agricultural production complex that is located at the territory of the new settlement.

During total invasion the present project became even more important. The Ukrainians that were harmed by the ware has lost a matter for further existence, gain a motivation for living via building up the houses of their dreams, and will have an opportunity for an employment at the agricultural production complex at the territory of the community. The individuals in need will be also provided social and psychological assistance, that will promote fast adaptation for new place of living.

At the moment, we have already found and approved a land plot for building, we have created project scope of work and calculated expenses, we have developed a project of social agreements and partnership Charter.

There is a like-mind team that have completed multiple aspects of the development such as building-wise, eco-wise, energy saving-wise psychological and educational.

We cooperate with the Government and committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as well as international funds in order to obtain financing.

Our project is entitled “The Communities of the Future” and it describes the conception of the project such as communities that build their own houses on their own, work at the same territory, study and develop themselves and should become a bright example to follow across the whole territory of Ukraine.

Our Team