Since the beginning of the invasion of Russian Federation to the territory of Ukraine our team along with “Team 24/02” and indifferent individuals have been organizing and delivering humanitarian aid. 1500 lunches to go were being delivered on daily basis in order to feed local inhabitants, police officers, counter-terrorist squads, and military combatants of the liberated cities (Gostomel, Bucha, Irpin, Moschun). The total amount of humanitarian aid is equal to 120 tons.

In July 2023, we’ve moved to a different stage of aid and assistance – providing places of living to those who are in need. Thanks to financial support if the indifferent Ukrainians as well as foreigners we’ve passed 3 building stages of “Eurokurin” temporal housing, at multiple destroyed areas of Kyiv region. We’ve managed to build up 9 houses for Ukrainian families, who lost their places for living.

Today we continue to follow up our principal goal – building up hosing within rural area along with agricultural production complex with modern energy saving technologies. The present project will promote solving of household, social and humanitarian challenges of citizens with limited financial resources – temporary relocated individuals, Russian-Ukrainian war veterans, large families, young families, families who has lost their places of living during the war.

Let’s make the life better together!