During the total invasion, thousands of Ukrainians got at a loss, having lost peace, any hopes for future, and places to live at. Our community has a plan to bring hopes back to their souls, provide them with housing, work, and bringing lifestyle back to the tracks.

Our project determines a settlement for 100 families within Kyiv region, which includes local infrastructure development, that meets minimal lifestyle requirements at least, as well as worthy work space.

We are to aid and assist temporary relocated individuals, Russian-Ukrainian war veterans, large families, young families, and families who has lost their households during combat actions with new places for living.

On top of providing place to live, our project includes proving of the following:

  • Professional and social accommodation of each and every one in need
  • New place to live at, accompanied by local infrastructure
  • Social security, as well as social guarantees
  • Veteran aid related to PTSR consequences
  • Assistance to any civil and combatant individuals who faced consequences of Russian-Ukrainian war
  • Minimal to raise level of lifestyle

We have no doubt of the result of our project. We are to start and spread the conception of new type of tolerant, confident, self-assured communities, which will be a strong core within locally existing ones.